Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Remembering Who you Are

Peace and Love

I pray that you are in good spirits . I did another challenge two weeks ago . It was a lot of fun. I had to go back on past accomplishments. It made me remember and stay connected to what I love . I had an A in my Public Relations class and a B in my Public Speaking class. I also got a B in Psychology . Then I went way back to Elementary school where I won awards for my writing . I wrote my first book in the 2nd grade and it went to the Young Author's Conference and then I won an essay contest and won the Spelling Bee  and went to Regional Division.

It made me realize how much I love writing and art and music and all things fun and creative . I remember when I first read Creative Dreams by SARK . I still read it and my daughter loves her too now .We love the way she draws the funny pictures and it looks like she writes in crayon sometimes too LOL ! So awesome . The twin flame love story that I am writing is going to take longer than anticipated . A lot of it is based on a true story and then I am creating an alternate ending so readers get to decide which one they like best

Even though I was born in one of the most hellish places in America I always knew I could go wherever I wanted in my mind YAY ! I  could also go there physically as well lol.  What seperates one place from another is energy consciousness vibration . I remember the first time I went to Dallas and I was like WOW people back home are not even alive . DEEP .  Pure Love Heals If we remember our Essence True Love and Light We can do anything . So Pure Unpretentious . toThe Creator always prepares us for what is coming next . That is why the Mayans and other cultures could predict things they were connected to the Most High . People are going crazy saying Good is Bad and Bad is good but The Most High is the same today yesterday and forever and he will destroy the wicked it is impossible for the Creator Lie . YAY Thankyou I love you and appreciate u


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