Friday, February 28, 2014

Marketing and Does Price Really Matter

Peace and Love

I was so inspired by Marie's video I had to share today. When I wrote my kindle book I was thinking that I would sell it for 9.99 and one person told me that I could not sell it for that price . But what is crazy is the people who bought it got it at that price . I believe that it is worth it . I also believe that there is abundance and people have the money to pay for it .

I will offer it for 3.33 and have a free day in the future . I really want the message about love and light to be spread all over . I do agree that if something is lower price sometimes people do think what the heck it is only 7 bucks or 5 bucks or whatever . I also believe that art is kind of subjective to me somethings may be a wonderful piece of art to someone else and to me I might think other wise.

I think it is important to place value on what we do as artist and to be able to communicate the value and the experience we want others to have . ! Have an Awesome Weekend



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