Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Power of the Mastermind Principle

Peace and Love

I know that I said I was not going to buy anything for six months. But I found a program where I can earn 100.00 payments directly to me over and over YAY ! I will share more about it next week.

I have met some cool people online . I met my soul brother from California a few years back and when we talked it was like WOW a powerful third mind came into being .He would always say that I should come to California . My grandmother's sister Alberta lived there for years . I like to visit but I don't know I don't get the feeling like it is home like I do when I am in Georgia or Florida .

Neway he has found something that works online semi- passively and I am so excited for him . So there was this one person that I have been following and I noticed that he is successful in multiple opportunities . He has mastered marketing in his own way and I think that he is brilliant.

You know Jesus lifted up everyone in the village with his energy that is the kind of energy that he has . He is humble and very powerful . He said he wanted to lift people up and I said YAY ! We have the same soul mission. !! WOO HOO ! I want to lift everyone up that I encounter whether they are a business partner or not . It made me think of how I meet a lot of great people like someone gave me a ring and told me to come to Houston and I will love it . Another person took me to lunch and blessed me and told me I can have whatever I like - like TI says YES! Then another friend invited me to LAX of course I brought my girlfriends but he was a  Class Act.  I realized that it is all about life force energy sending out waves of love and light and people feel it . Now I attract people and opportunities daily . I feel kind of overwhelmed with choices right now . Its like Oprah talks about the AHA moment EUREKA ! YAY !

Love and Blessings


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