Saturday, February 8, 2014

Losing Someone You Love Unexpectedly

Peace and Blessings

This has been a rough week for me . But God has given me comfort. Our family lost a special person a beautiful soul. Being an empath is a gift no matter how painful it is sometimes. I talked to my aunt a couple of days ago and told her that I love her and she told me keep her in my prayers and that God had everything under control.

I prayed I pleaded the blood of the lamb and called in all the heavenly host and there was a wrestling in the spirit. I just wanted God to give her a little more time . I know that Miracles are possible . God said No . He gave me comfort thru Luke 24 Chapter when Yahshuah came back to see the disciples and he asked them if they had something to eat and they gave him some fish and he said be at peace.

I became physically ill for for 3 days but I am better now . Yah knows all things best . Reflecting on all the positive conversations and experiences that we had give me peace and makes me smile. She was so excited about me writing my book .  She was genuine pure love  . I am grateful for the time that we shared and the impact that she had on my life and on the lives of all those that she touched . Blessings and Light


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