Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Yesss!!! Answered Prayer

Peace and Love !

I got it ! I am grateful !It reminds me of when I remembered my flash drive was gone and then I was led to go to the library and ask for it and it was there YAY !It had been gone for a long time .

So someone asked if it was okay to have a no refund policy and I said yes as long as they know upfront but as a consumer I understand because sadly there are some people who will take your money and not send you anything . Another person said that they just give people a refund if they ask. I feel like art is subjective so some people may say it was awesome and other people may say it sucked . It is just like Glitter with Mariah Carey me and my family member were like Yesss and some people said no but I feel like you got what you paid for ,

In the group people were talking about this and some people were saying they never got their product and then someone was like it sucks. He was trying to steal my energy but I was like no I will be good because my money will be back in my account shortly.    I was like well in the grander scheme of things it is small and I am unbothered but why not just give people what they paid for ? Then I listened to this webinar person who says for high ticket he just does a 30 day money back gurantee. He is a good guy and inspiration.In my head I think why be a messbox but some people don't care they think they can just make money and who cares .Then they go out of business and you never see them again.I also feel like after you take a payment you should automatically send out the purchase or wait until you figure it out before you take payments .

It reminded me of a business here they closed for a while but they figured out what they needed to revise and they came back with great prices and better customer service . They are winning YAY!!!

Love and Oneness !!!

C U next week


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