Monday, July 10, 2017

YEsss!!!! I AM Optimistic and Realistic YAY

Peace and Love !!!
Day 19 I AM optimistic! I treat my haters with love and compassion because they are my fans ! I am unbothered YAY!!!So I missed this real estate book launch I was like Aww man but I just forgot about it .That has never happened . I didn't promise to be part of the launch but I did want to get the book.It is well .

So years ago I took this course called the Abundance course it was a couple hundred bucks and it was cool. Then the following courses you pick a partner and you guys talk about your wins. They had calls and I was like this is awesomeness .

I bought a couple of books that I wanted that were on sale.Some were .99 cents and one was 1.99.I still feel the same, I was glad to see one person change his price back to 2.99. I guess the reasoning is that they just want to get some traction and a small amount vs giving the book away .When I was a part of launches I still paid .99 cents or 2.99 to support the author .I feel like 2.99 is reasonable because it takes time , energy and effort to create a masterpiece .

I want to see people WIN!!! When there is a break down in a project or a launch it is because there is something missing in the strategy .It is cra cra when I see something flawlessly executed . I say to myself YESSSSS!!!I AM unicorn all day . When you mix Unicorn with a plan that is a winning combination.

Have a Blessed Week !!!



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