Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Peace and Love !!!!

Did yall miss me ? I did some deep thinking and meditation. I was mad about that 99 cent thing but then he sent me another email where he is having an event and charging more. So he is ok . I feel like since we are all one Everything is a Mirror . I was thinking to myself Am I trippin? I feel like everybody can spend the extra 2 bucks. It takes a lot of work to create a  masterpiece . I feel like 2.99 is a gift it is the price of a really good app. It really is a service .

So then I was listening to Dawniel and I felt like pass the plate. She is preaching today . I said to myself I need a Melissa ,Kelley ,Dawniel, Yakinea and Ari in my life lol . Seriously you know I talked a while back on my blog how people say charge what you are worth but that makes no sense because our worth is infinite but I understand what they are trying to say . I have paid for lots of books and some classes all of them were not 2.99 but the ones that were I am like YAY that was great .

I joined a program that started at 500 bucks and was thinking in my head if I want to make 500 bucks or 1000 bucks a day I need to spend that much to get started . I am like Katherine Johnson and just looking at the numbers . But I did see a girl who charges 99 cent for her meditations and has 200,000 views on you tube . I feel like if she charged 2.00 people would still buy them .

Then I thought there are people who do not even write books and are make a killing doing retreats and all kinds of other stuff . So basically a book can not be an entire strategy but it can be a leveraging tool and part of the strategy YAY !!! I am totally reframing Sales the way I think and feel about it . I love to buy stuff so I have to love to create and sell things also . I have been taking my time and spending hours and hours learning and learning and it has been beneficial. I am still increasing the blog views this month are almost 4500 all organic traffic YAY !!!I joined a new challenge and have made a few new unicorn friends . I know that I can not do it alone .

So what is the lesson in the experience that I had the other day ! Be Good to Yourself . Get Accurate Knowledge . Do what makes sense and put your book on sellfy the e version

In Joy the rest of your Week

Love Always


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