Friday, July 14, 2017


Peace and Love !!!

I pray that you had a day filled with love,light and expansion !!!! So I am on Day 23 of this challenge .When I hit day 21 it felt like the shift hit the fan and something that I did not have any control over happened and I felt fear for a few moments and I went into fear and victim consciouness. Then I stopped and said to myself I AM protected by a consciousness of TRUTH. The truth is I AM Light !!! I Am Love !!!God is working everythng out for my good ! Yessss!!!!

It made me think of what Dawniel Winningham said on a call. God didn't just make Harriet Tubman a slave to be a slave. He made her a slave because he knew somebody had to go back and deliver folks . We are raised up to deliver a message to a body of people. I will not get stuck in any part of my story . I will remember the Truth and stand in My SuperHero Power YESSSSS!!!!

I am started a new marketing challenge next week . I wrote down I wanted to make 10,000 a mth and then I said What if 50 ppl wanted me to coach them for 247 for 90 days that is over 10,000 YAY !!!I am excited !!!

I have more Good stuff to share with you next week . Have a Blessed Weekend !!! Hakuna Matata !!!

Infinite Love and Blessings


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