Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Give Thanks!!!

Peace and Love !!!

Yesterday was awesome !!! I am so glad that it is Friday the kids have a 4 day weekend and we can just rest and play and give thanks !!!

So I want to share some more synchronicities !!! I will share  a few good things that blessed me recently . Yesterday I had lunch at the sports bar and the service was excellent and they always provide great service . So when I got a text for the 5 free wings I was like YES !!! I got wings a delicious salad and lemonade for 10 bucks and free wings . They say if it sounds too good to be true it isn't but that isn't true .Great things and miracles happen everyday !!! I probably said this before but in the Science of Getting Rich it says give people more in value than you take from them in cash. It is so true you will have raving fans !!!When I started this blog I just wanted to share and add value to people and then I saw I started to get more visitors . Some people may be thinking where is the money but no worries it is coming YAY !!!!

 I attracted another storyteller and a couple more groups where people are socially conscious and want to create businesses that leave the world a better place

I also got more information on fundraising . It is like the stars really are aligned and everything is working out in  perfect divine order.Someone sent me some information on marketing.I watched a show about George Wallace a comedian who is rich inside out and a marketing genius .

Today I am going to study a case study at Jamie's blog at  

She has a lot of great content and interviews and is just herself which is awesome !!! I am thinking of starting a mastermind group it would be supercool and super fun and progressive .Together Everyone Achieves More YAY !!! I didnt just start saying that either LOL

I will have more good to share next week. Crowdfunding We are our Solution !!!

I love you !!!

Blessings and Light



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