Friday, November 11, 2016

11 11 Love and Freedom !!!!

Peace and Love

Can you feel the new energies that are here !!!! So Powerful and Amazing !!!I bought Harmony a shirt that said Nerdy and Cute and I loove it !!! So I am so cited !!!!! I feel like her Mommy I got an Idea !!!

All of the things that people are talking about are not new they are ancient teachings !!! It is like Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun!!!Huna is so powerful and some of the other teachings !!! Hew Len talks about how when we get to zero everyone is family!!!It is crazy because I meet people from all walks of life. I remember being at work one day and this girl told me where I am from we say Warsh instead of wash and I was like okay Oh WOW .As a kid my sister and I had friends who lived near us and they are caucasian and we cared about each other . I get it there is racism in the world injustice , frustration and pain. If we focus on what we don't want we will get more of it . I have experienced every level of consciousness and it feels better to stay in the higher vibrations !!!When we do a life review we will ask ourselves if we are conscious Did I tell the truth ? Did I share love and try to uplift and bless people ? Did I make a positive difference in the lives of others ? It doesn't have to be major . It can be as simple as smiling at someone or giving them a kind word or a new way of looking at things .

Election night Harmony kept looking at my phone and saying Mommy he is winning !!! Harmony is like a multicultural flower baby and I told her all is well and all will be well. When I went to her school for lunch and met her friend Nelly who is caucasian and she said I love Harmony and I told her Harmony loves you back . Even though I know there is racism I don't teach my daughter to have a lot of fear based beliefs . I also try to teach her emotional mastery which is so important for empathic Indigo and Crystals and really everybody. It is all about awareness and daily practice everything I practice . We are all teachers and students . We really all want the same things and like I said before on a quantum level we are all one . I sincerely try to treat to each and everybody the way I desire to be treated .There have always been black people and white people and brown people so it just makes intelligent sense for us to realize that it is best for us to figure out how to stay in the light and love and higher vibrations .If we practice the law of one and realize if one is healed all are healed and if one is harmed all are harmed we all WIN .

I have more good stuff to share with you next week 777!!!

Have a Blessed Weekend !!!




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