Monday, June 1, 2015


Peace and Love

I woke up after having this amazing dream. I was in East Africa Kenya . I met a lot of beautiful people and then I just felt overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit and I started crying .It made me think of the sister I met from Ethiopia that looked just like me and the man who was from there and started speaking his language to me and I told him that I was from the United States.

Then I thought about all the people who asked me where I was from and if I was Dominican or Puero Rican. Africa is the mother of all civilization YAY. Neway the world is really small. I met this one man from Kenya and I was like they were the tassels just like us and they have dream catchers. Woo hoo He said YAY you found your peeps lol.There was so much love ! I met a girl from the US who moved there.

WOW it was a beautiful experience and then I woke up lol 333 Have an Awesome Week



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