Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Peace and Love

I hope that you are having a day filled with light and blessings .Is it just me or was it just too much when the people in Charleston the next day said I's forgive you ?I mean even Jesus wept although he knew how to bring Lazerus back .

It is so interesting . I need at least 3 days to process before we can talk . It is just weird. I feel like why didn't anybody feel something . The other day I went somewhere and it felt this man had demons like Legion in the bible and when we started to pray he had to flee.

It is the same story over and over It is always some people being peaceful doing a rain dance or something and here comes Satan and Judas and his demons and they have to steal, kill and destroy everything. If you live you will be put on a reservation filled with poison or a ghetto with a liqour store on every corner and bunch of ignorant over sexed music and a church so you can come and repent for being filthy rags . WOW. It is funny how people say violence never solves anything except for when they want to be violent against you. Maybe it is just me but it seems hypocritical .

People just do the best they can to survive. Then you hear them say I was the first African American to work at Walmart or the Car Dealership .It is all part of the battered women or person syndrome. So what can you do ? You can educate yourself and love yourself deeply. You can decide that you will die before you turn on your brothers or sisters .Judas is the lowest form of life . Then you can raise your vibration and level of awareness and draw close to the Most High and you will know every Judas and con plan .You can ascend and help others to ascend by BEing love in Action. Give up the need to be accepted and loved. You are appreciated and loved if you are born of Creator how can you not be? Know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 139 333. All of this life is a stage and you get to choose who you want to be . Allow deep love and compassion to fill your soul. You can be in a constant state of Bliss and Peace. YAY

Love and Blessings

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