Monday, June 8, 2015

Coming out as AWESOME 333

Peace and Love

I hope that you are doing great !! Today I decided that is time for me to come out of the closet as Awesome !!! I try to keep it kind of quiet .The truth is I was born Awesome ! We all are . I was just thinking about it. You know how David said they have greatly oppressed me from my youth but they have not gained victory over me ! YAY 333

When you are awesome some people will not like it . They go out of there way to try to figure out why are you blissed out . I feel deep compassion and send out a hug . If I can not help you I wont harm you I will just leave you where you are . For me joy is like a practice and a gift . I try to surround myself with good music and think of things that me happy . There is always something to be happy about .

We all have trials and bad days and have lessons we have to learn and things we have to overcome . I choose to learn my lessons in love and compassion. When you are whole you can just love and accept yourself and others. I just tell myself that I cannot lose. I can always course correct .I try to keep it light- hearted and fun YAY !!!

Here is how you can tell a jealous or fear based person they are overly concerned with what you are doing . It is kind of funny in a stalker fan type of way . One thing is for sure is that there is only one YOU 333 . If you focus on what the Creator wants you to do you will be so full that you just want to share your Bliss and Love with everyone .

I love you BE AWESOME 333



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