Monday, March 2, 2015

Peace and Love

Today is the day the Most High has made Let us Be Glad and Rejoice in It !! YAY ! I want us to stay in bliss , love and joy all week. So I am not going to spend a lot of time on the Lucifer effect but I just feel like information comes to you for a reason and we should share everything we learn . So you can google it for more information. It was basically saying that a person would harm an innocent person just because someone they felt in authority told them to do it . That is crazy ! You see countless examples in like Charles Manson, Hitler and other Puppet Masters. Lucifer has no feeling no empathy or feelings he just likes to influence people so that he can use them for his own personal gain .The spirit can be male or female so it is just about being aware.

The feeling of joy is so powerful . Some people have not been trained on what is appropriate and what is inappropriate so they ask a lot of questions. Remember that man I think it was on Saturday nite live and he would say okay and your name is ? and I know you from ? LOL WOW!The thing is we all get to choose what we want . Some people do not have an identity or a strong sense of self and that is how they can be led astray . I was trained that you do not get in other people's business and you do not let other people get in your business YAY ! If people want to share I will listen . Every since I was a little girl I decided that I was going to be myself .I remember when my mom told me about the trail of tears and I was thinking what are we doing here ?Then they started saying Indian people were latino's and that native americans were extinct but I was like everybody is just from different tribes.Mexican's are from the huichol tribe and puerto ricans are mixed with african and taino indians. I thought to myself how can you take responsibility for your life if you do not even know who you are . On the deepest level you are soul and then you choose parents and a location to be born that is perfect for your soul's growth . I learned that gifts are in your DNA so even if all the information is suppressed you will have access to it .I am blessed to have learned from some awesome people . People would talk to me and tell me about things they have learned and I went on a quest to study and I am still learning and growing . Everyday is a new adventure !!!

Love and Infinite Blessings


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