Friday, March 27, 2015


Last nite I prayed and meditated on the word . Harmony's substitute teacher said that she is a joy to have in class and her regular teacher who is out on maternity leave also says Harmony is a great student .It is her gym teacher that is the intimidator. Her report card came back great also.

Some people are just evil and they recognize the light when they see it. It made me think of all the native children who were taken from their parents and put in boarding schools, some of them were killed and others were just brainwashed so bad that they did not remember who they were. My baby came out knowing that she was light . She is really good natured and sweet spirited but she is also sensitive and can feel and see spirits .She is awesome .The Blessing is that the Most High is the revealer of secrets. I was the same way as a child I would know when people were lying and trying to steal your energy. All is well. She is Divinely Protected .

Love and Blessings


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