Thursday, March 26, 2015


Please pray for me and for Harmony . When Harmony first started school I knew something was not right with her teacher but I could not put my hand on exactly what it was but then one day when I picked her up from school she had a bruise on her arm and the teacher acted like she did not know what was going on .I had to fight to have her moved to another classroom.

She told me it is evil and like a prison for children. I had to come to the school because she was being bullied by a teacher and I am just tired . The other day I watched her in class and there was a girl who was hit in the face by a ball and she was screaming and crying and instead of sending her to the nurse the teacher told her to go the bathroom and wash her face .My nerves were shot when one is harmed all are harmed .I thank God for loving me enough to show me what I needed to see

I could go to the superintendent and tell him what I see but I realize this whole system is wicked and set up to fail our children.I have to get her out of the school but until I do I have to go up to her school and watch her just so that she will feel safe . She is a great student and gifted and talented in many ways . It will only be a couple more months thank the Creator

Love and Blessings


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