Friday, March 6, 2015

The Gap

Peace and Love

I hope that you have a happy fun Friday ! Give Thanks and Praise ! ! The Gap is closing and it is beautiful to see ! HalleluYAH !!!!!!!!!!!Blessings and Miracles are Manifesting Now YAY ! !!Love , Joy and Peace are fruits of the spirit !!!

Love is Prevailing !!!As you start ascending people will see you happy and try to pull you down energetically but you just have to keep moving forward in love. That is why the scripture says Bless those that curse you and Love your Enemies . He causes all things to work together for your Good if you love him and are called according to your purpose .I have never had such a battle in my life . I felt like I was in Star Wars or something . I am going to write a cute little children's book about it in symbols. 333

Prayer is so powerful.My grandmother would always say Jesus is the great physician . She believed in faith healing. It is so powerful. Yesterday I was praying for someone far away and the demons were trying to interrupt me but I did not let them YAY. 

My grandmother would say there is no such thing as the devil. The rest of my family did believe in Satan and then I thought about Jesus saying that he came to break up the works of the devil . So if there was no devil he would not have had to break up any works . Isn't that interesting ? Everything is an opportunity .

Love and Blessings


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