Sunday, March 15, 2015

Oh WOW Abundance

Peace and Love

Over the last few days I have gotten some awesome downloads. I went out in the sun and let it shine on my face and it felt amazing YAY ! So anyway I was tapping into the frequency of abundance and I just had so many downloads. Someone emailed me about a crowdfunding format that was just genius and then confirmation someone else sent me another email and I was like Okay this is something that I need to look at

The concept is really simple. Give to receive. Crowdfunding is not really new so it is an intentional community like I talked about a while back. There is one author and she got 28 people who donated 100 bucks to her cause and she came out with her book. Someone  is receiving 4000 a week in donations . No Limit WOW ! It only takes a few hundred dollars to get started lets spread the LOVE yay ! I am going to focus on my fitness goal for the next 30 days it is pretty aggressive so I have to focus and then passover is coming up soon and then it is go time ! I want everybody to WIN and SUCCEED

Love and Blessings


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