Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Peace and Love

I pray that your day is going good ! I want to share something that I think is awesome ! I was on another call the other day about High Trust Cultures and then I watched Oprah's Masterclass with Barry Gordon and he was talking about how he ran his company without a big emphasis on titles but really getting feedback from his team members and everyone taking a vote ! Isn't that awesome !! Together Everyone Acheives More !! Woo Hoo !

Then I was watching a seminar on Cooperative Economics and it was very awesome and powerful also. So I want to know what you think . I like the concept of launching at regular price say 9.99 for a kindle book but include a couple of bonus webinars or teleseminars or just including something of immense value versus launching for like 99 cents. I can see 2.99 for a promo day . What do you think ?

Love and Blessings


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