Thursday, December 3, 2015


Peace and Love !!!!

Isn't Jasmine Awesome !!! I think I found the love of my life Me YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!Let us talk about what we love today ! I was thinking like only ten things because I could go on and on .

1. Truth 333 Some people get mad about Santa Claus but when Harmony was like 5 she looked at me and  said Mama Santa is not real and I said No baby . She understood .If you want to know if Christmas, Easter , Halloween is fake you can just google it and do some research. You can not take a lie and dress it up and put a bow on it and then make it Truth .

2. The Creator Mother/Father God  The Most High and the Angels and Ascended Masters

3. Music - Soul Cleansing

4  Food - Indian African Mexican American, Greek ,Mediterranean

5.Good People - People that have good hearts and spirits and a funny sense of humor that makes you laugh 333

6 Loyalty - People that will stand by you when it gets rough and are mentally strong and do not allow other people to manipulate them.

7 Good Books -

8 Healing Arts

9 Random Acts of Kindness It feels good when you see it and releases endorphins and makes u feel warm and fuzzy inside

10.Harmony and Kailey they are so precious and their stories are so amazing . It is awesome to watch them grow 777

I pray that you have a great weekend

Love and Blessings


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