Friday, December 11, 2015

Manifestations and Allowing 777

Peace and Love

I have been noticing that more positive manifestations have been showing up. I will be part of a new mastermind group starting next week YAY !!! Harmony had a cold over the last few days and then I was feeling Icky Yesterday but I am feeling a little better now .If you could send extra loving intentions it would be great !!!!

Yesterday I was listening to the radio and they talked about how Walt Disney wanted to put his theme park here in St.Louis and they laughed and told him he was crazy . Then he did it YAAAAAAY!!Of course he had to get the hell out of here the frequency was too low . So anyway  I think that I am going to join a couple more masterminds and maybe start my own . I feel like even if people are further along there is always a way to add value or give insight and create a win win situation.

Here is a beautiful Infinity Prayer 333

In the infinity of Life, I know that I am loved and supported by an all powerful God.  All of my needs are met on a moment by moment basis.
Health, peace, love, joy and infinite abundance are my divine birthright.
I pray that whatever I am experiencing in my life that is not in harmony with that divine truth be revealed, transmuted and healed. 
I ask to be shown a new way of seeing things so that I may experience true health and wellbeing.
Thank you, father, mother, God.  Amen

Have a blessed Weekend 



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