Monday, December 21, 2015

The Light !!

Peace n Love

I pray that u had a blessed Monday.It was 60 degrees during the day time here .I do not ever remember having a December like this ! I made a few sales but when I checked I only had royalties for 1 lol . I was grateful for that and for those who liked my author central page .

I was wondering where my other sale was like better have my money don't act like you forgot lol !Neway I found a new mentor n she is awesome ! I prayed n ran across her video n she talked about Think n Grow Rich n we were studying that in the last mastermind I was a part of .I had a vision for myself and slowly but surely it is coming to pass Yay !The Most High is awesome ! In everything we give thanks for that is his will concerning us !

Blessings n Peace


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