Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jesus and Energy Healing 333

Peace and Love

I hope that you are having an awesome day filled with light and love . I was thinking today about energy healing. Remember when Jesus said he felt someone touch him and the disciples said a lot of people had been touching him but he said no he felt someone touch him . She touched him and received some of his life force energy .

Everything is energy and we need energy to do everything .  Sometimes I watch Harmony play with her friend Mikaela and they have so much energy and imagination. It is amazing . I felt so inspired today. I woke up and did my excercise and I thought about Michelle Obama and how she said she gets up at 5 am to exercise.It just feels so good !!! When your energy increases you have more light and love and bliss and peace to give away . YAY 11 33 11

It is interesting I heard about yoga years ago . I just was not ready to try it at the time. Someone told me it is so awesome. I did not really understand how powerful it was. Then I did one pose and I felt my whole body open up like a lotus flower and it was like Oh wow this is awesome 33333 !! I felt like yoga where have u been all my life ?Lol. Yoga was there all along just waiting for me to wake up

Infinite Love , Peace and Blessings


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