Wednesday, May 6, 2015

So Awesome !!!

Peace and Love

Last Nite I woke up at like 230 am and I was like WOW . I got an email from someone yesterday and they were sharing their success and I was like Yes !!! I got invited to a new Linked in Group YAY .I feel greatfull !!! K so back to the email I read it and I realized there is a way for both of us to get paid woo hoo ! I feel like we could create money out of thin air !!! Bliss and Infinite Love !!!

So I applied for this part time job that I think is really awesome and step 2 of the process is to upload video . I was like Oh wow can I do like a power point video with slides. You know the kind where you can have your beautiful voice in the background and highlight the points on the screen. Harmony loves video . She told me when she grows up she is going to be a full time youtuber lol. When we went to the mall there was a teenage girl who said my shirt was her inspiration for the day . I said Yay and gave her the website address. Inspiration and Love are so Powerful !!!

My body is going through a wow process 333 . I pray that you have a great weekend



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