Monday, May 4, 2015


Peace and Love

I was having a convo with someone about creating apps and then like 1 minute later I got an email about app creation . Isn't that Amazing !! It is sort of magical !! Everything is different !!

It is so interesting ! When I talked to a few people on this one coaches team they had beautiful spirits . It just felt right in my heart . So I was thinking of all the cool prizes I could give out like virtual hugs and light and fairy balls of love 333.

I am going to use two platforms one that is based on cooperative economics and one regular crowdfunding site.  I am not procrastinating I am just taking my time. This transformation is so powerful It is beyond me it is really a global healing.

We are moving back to the ways of community based learning and working together in cooperation. This is the natural way and it benefits all.

I will share more later

Blessings and Love


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