Friday, May 22, 2015

Success and Manifestations YAY

Peace and Love

Today has been awesome !! I did 3.5 miles woo hoo ! I am going to rest tommorow and then on Sunday do another 3.5 miles. I met an awesome lady and she is so funny !  I call her my trainer and we encourage each other .

I remember when I was first learning about manifestation a few years back. There was a man in one of the groups and I asked him how to manifest something and he told me to just write it down . I was like ummmm okay and what else ?I felt like it was really oversimplified. But I figured it wont hurt it to try so I am going to try it . I heard some one else say that writing is the action part of thinking . I cannot remember who it was . So I was looking back over my journal about something that I wrote down and it has already manifested ! Celebrate YAY !!

I intend that we are staying centered in Love , Peace and Bliss <3 nbsp="" p="">


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