Friday, March 3, 2017

Good Vibes 777 and Deja Vu !!!

Peace and Love !!!

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I hope that you are doing awesome !!!! Yesterday was really great ! I woke up early and did a lot of prayer and meditation and it was an awesome day . Everybody that I ran into was really kind and helpful .
Here is the affirmation for the day
My rich good does not interfere with anyone else's rich good.God's riches are limitless !!!There is plenty plenty plenty for all !!!!

Last nite I had a dream about one of my spiritual teachers and it was awesome I am going to meditate and see if I can remember it again . This morning I was in the car with my niece and daughter and we experienced the same thing twice within like 10 minutes and my niece said we lived it again and I was like WOW . Have you ever had an experience and been like man this is familiar?Have you met someone before and felt an felt an instant connection or an instant feeling of strong dislike .

I am going to share more about energy and illness and wellness and past lives next week. It might be a little too woo woo for you . If it is it is ok . When I met my twin I was feeling like I love him so much it gets on my nerves .When we come in as souls there are certain lessons that we need to learn that can be considered negative but really are there to help us develop certain soul qualities .

I will share more next week !!!

Have a Blessed Weekend !!!



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