Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hidden Figures 777

Peace and Love !!!

I decided to go ahead and do the review of Hidden Figures today . I am only going to share a few points that I took away from the movie . Okay so let's get started !!!!I could really relate to her story in a lot of ways .

I was crying when they shut the door in her face I was thinking at this point they need Katherine they need to cut her a check on the spot like seriously.

Okay so you noticed how her supervisor finally told the man who was afraid of her that his job was to basically get on board and support the genius so they can all win .He was a thinker and he was not going to cut his own throat because he had an objective and he knew that Katherine had strengths that complimented him .

The Polish man told Mary Jackson played by Janelle Monae to get her engineering degree that had never happened before she had to expand her consciousness to believe it was possible and she went for it and did it . When I wanted to be an engineer for Microsoft I went to the class and I was the youngest and maybe the only female at the time plus being brown it was interesting . My teacher was awesome he told me to go for it and that everything was possible. Some times your mentor will look different than you because people around you are busy being crabs in a barrel and being backwards. I love how Mary's husband got on board after she made up her mind .I heard a woman here saying that we wanted to create opportunites for all of us . I thought that was nice . I remember passing by a job fair here one day and there were people wrapped around the corner and there were probably 500 people there and they were only employing one or two people . It made me think of the book Who moved my Cheese by Spencer Johnson. I said to myself Wait a minute lets take a break and do some more research. In the movie when Katherine said she worked like a dog and she wasn't getting paid and had to walk all the way to the bathroom I said to myself Ayuda ! Help Lord You see this with a lot of artists as well . I remember watching Mary J Blige talking about how people want you to be ignorant so they can steal from you and they hurried up and went to a commercial real quick . They were like wait a minute Mary has gotten her mind right we have to keep her quiet lol .

Another thing that was amazing was when she went and got the book about the Ancient Knowledge. Katherine was gifted and receiving information on a higher level  by the Creator they all were . When she said she held it up to the light I was like WOW that was deep on a few levels . You noticed how removed Katherine even though she was doing a great job . She was shining too bright lol . I loved how Dorothy Vaughn spoke up for herself . She did an awesome job . Did you notice how the woman said you should be glad you have jobs at all ? Lol in the end she got her supervisor position.

The movie made me cry ! It was so great !Stay Inspired and Encouraged . Never Give up on Your Dreams !I will have more Good stuff to share next week ! God willing and God Bless 333!!!

Love and Blessings


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