Thursday, June 23, 2016


Peace and Love !!!

I so cited !!!! Saturday I was in the healing circle and then I read this article that one of my facebook friends posted about the dead homies and I was like OMG . I just sat still and then like 1000 crocodile tears came out of my eyes and I cried for my loved one and then I cried for the boy they left outside on the ground like less than an animal for four hours and then I thought about the Fruitvale Station and then I heard my beloved say All you Gotta do Is !!!! Keep Going !!! 144 I said YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!Then I danced with the angels .

Its crazy because I have attracted new facebook friends best selling authors and the people I have been reading about . I have to create a whole new support system of boddhisatva friends . I got another email about someone who got a 6 figure book deal and I was like YESSS 777!!! Like Henry Ford said whether you think you can or think you can your are right !!!

I am not Crazy and Everything I see is Real 777 YAY !!!

I love you 333

Keep Being Light and Love

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