Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Boddhisatva 333

My facebook friend posted this I thought it was awesome 333!!!

My interpretation of {The Master} in the Dhammapada. (The Buddha's Path of Truth) - inside everyone is a Buddha... At the end of the way
One finds freedom in the way
Freedom without bounds.
Those who awaken to Freedom
may be in one place or another
but wherever they are
they remain internally free
and internally happy
Like swans, they rise
And leave the lake.
On the air they rise
And fly an invisible course,
Gathering nothing, storing nothing.
Their food is knowledge.
They live upon emptiness.
They have seen how to break free.
Who can follow them?
Purity of Heart can,
Like a bird,
One rises on the limitless air
And flies an invisible course.
Wishing for nothing.
Living upon emptiness.
And breaking free of mental confines.
Being a charioteer of one's own mind
Has tamed its horses,
Pride and the senses
Become Sublime and one becomes
Yielding like the earth,
Joyous and clear like the lake,
Still as the stone at the door,
And is free from life and death.
Beliefs are seen as merely beliefs
One sees beyond the end and the
And cuts all ties.
And rises.
And wherever One lives,
In the city or the country,
In the valley or in the hills,
There is great joy.
Even in the empty forest
There one finds joy
Because of wanting nothing

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