Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Victory 777!!!

Peace and Love !!!!

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I pray that your spirit be full of the spirit of the Most High and Joy Joy Joy ever new Joy !!! So today I was thinking about remember when I told you that there were payment issues with amazon from receiving royalties. I think it was one or two sales. I would not care if it was 50 cents . Just think they steal 50 cent from a million people and they get paid. I asked the girl what happened to the payment and she had no information it must have been refunded . I said to myself Cmon now you are a billion dollar company and you don't have a proper tracking system.

Well at that point I was done I started looking at other platforms like selz. and sellfy.com to sell my digital products. But today when I logged in I read someone who said they had been stealing from them for two years and there was story after story and I said to myself HalleluYah God for looking out for me because before I thought 60 days after you get your royalties you get paid where is the money going they are probably holding it and earning interest on it .It is really simple for them to set up automation the same way they email you when you make a purchase they can email you when you make a sale .In the past they sent out emails but I know right now it is a mess and I am glad that the angels let me know so that I could choose another platform .There was another time that a book was on a free promotion and Amazon took money out of my account and they fixed it but I am done YAY

I don't really mention holidays here because I don't celebrate them . They are pretty much hellenized and have something deceptive and false doctrine behind them like Christmas , Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day and any either weird pagan stuff like fraternities and sororities .

There is a free book today you can check it out Soul Mates and Angels   

Love and Blessings


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