Thursday, February 16, 2017


Peace and Love!!!
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Last nite After I did my prayer and meditation. I was looking at the Hebrew letters and how it was pictoral and corresponded with sound . Then I was thinking about how in spanish we say mesa for table and in swahili they say meza . Then I was looking at the numbers and how they work with the letters. I thought about the Hindu man that I met and then Antonio from Peru and then I met this woman who told me I was a master teacher and I was like Oh Wow How does she know that ?              There are all these signs along our path. It is funny because the Celestine Prophecy says that people who show up have messages for us .

It is like I have had the gifts that I have had all my life and it is just a matter of accepting them and embracing and allowing them .Everything is coming full circle 360 degrees 333!!! It is amazing 777!!! I am seeing the similarities !!!! I am trying to take it all in  11 11

I will have more good stuff to share next week

Love and Blessings


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