Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Its 52 degrees OH Yea 777

Peace and Love

I love this song !!! I love how he calls her My Divine isn't that sweet ? It is Lovely. YAY!!!
So anyway I decided to share the other video with you on Friday . My mind is moving like 900 miles an hour . Meditation is a Blessing .

I love the ones with the just music and also the guided ones. Vocal tone and inflection is everything. Have you ever been listening to a speaker and you just couldn't follow it because the voice was just monotone?I love Sound and Music as a tool for healing and love energy 777!!!

So I was talking to someone and we were talking about some of the guys and how they have like seven baby mothers sort of like a harem . I was wondering like how did they pull it off .It is like you get a baby you get a baby you get a baby WOW
 It is so weird because one of them looks like a woman . I think it is because he must be really nice to them . Plus they seem like they are entertaining and fun to hang out with.It seems strange like the dynamics of relationships are changing . Maybe it is just me .A harem seems like a bit much but I guess.

It is 52 degrees and I am super excited . The ice has melted off of my car and It feels great. It is windy but I can deal with that over ice any day .I saw my twin in the dream state again and I said Awww Pure Love and Bliss 777

Have an Awesome Day



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