Thursday, December 1, 2016

ReBirth YAY 333!!!!

Peace and Love !!!!

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I hope you are having a good day . I felt this huge influx of energy and then I got a cold . It wasn't like a regular cold where I could just take a small dose of the homeopathic something . I had to take some regular medicine and I feel much better .

Someone saw the blog and asked me If I was pregnant . I am not literally pregnant I am just full of Love ,Joy and Inner Peace and Bliss .It is like a complete resurrection and rebirth .

It is like Oh WOW 777. The onion is peeling and peeling !!!Love is so Powerful !!!! Feedback is too!! It is like when we were kids we would say Did I get wild ? The kids say that you are doing too much or doing way too much . It is great because the kids read energy well .There was someone doing healing and fixing people lives and they said Wow she needs to fix her own life . It is so interesting because there was one healer who I read about who was super powerful and still wounded and able to create miracles I do think it is best to clean and clear on ourselves first which is a daily process .
.I have also heard all healing is self healing because there is only one of us !!!! I think it is so good to speak the truth in love so we can all win . I am fascinated by how some people heal and others who do not and the different factors involved.  

It is interesting. Heart and Soul Work is so beautiful!!!I have learned that it is the most important . After you do it things will fall into place and just start working out like magic !!!Have a Blessed Weekend



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