Friday, December 2, 2016

Peace and Love 777

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Someone went into my blog and deleted the referring urls that were linking to my blog . Isn't that weird some kind of sabotage attempt.Cant' stop won't stop like Puffy or P diddy says lol .

Synchronicity 11 22 33 333!!! A couple of days ago I watch The Exorcist the series . I was flipping through the channels .Anyway the original exorcist took place in St.Louis Mo .In the one I was watching the other day the demons were wearing the priest out . I was thinking they need to call some other priest for back up and legions of angels .I was so glad when the priest said take me and then the demon took him and he jumped out the window and the girl was free .

It is so funny when I got this new dog it was like he was familiar like an angel dog. I could feel his soul . He is so smart and intuitive . One of his friends who would come to visit him passed on recently in an accident we send love and light and healing.

Everything I ever thought about reality has been completely turned on its head .Every day is a new adventure . Thankyou for stopping by the blog today !!! Yall come back now .

C u next week



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