Monday, October 17, 2016

Shift - Nikki Woods

Peace and Love !!!

I know this is my second blog post today but I had to share okay my last post I was sharing the 333 and the 33 for Ascenscion and I just opened Nikki Woods collaboration book and saw there were 33 authors woo hoo !!!There are signs miracles and wonders everywhere !!! I was just sharing about the stand alone book and then the series and I was thinking of having 33 authors also 13 then 22 then 33 . WOW 777 I think she is my soul sister I feel a connection to her and just want to support her and love her for free 777

The pre-launch is today and we can get the book to the best seller list on Amazon . Right now it is on sale for 99 cents so it should be a no brainer YAY . You can click the link here   Shift Happens  I have already started reading ! It is Divine 777

Love and Blessings


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