Monday, October 17, 2016

Inspiration 333

Today is the day the Most High has made let us rejoice and be glad in it 777!!!Today I want to talk about what inspires you !!! Being a Hekoya empath and intuitive, one of the most precious gifts was someone told me that I inspire them and I said YAY that is what I am here to do 333!!!I am also here to help people tap into their divine power through love light and sound 11 11.

So today I just want to share three things okay let's make it 5 . I usually start of with 3 with the children because they have a shorter attention span . Okay so lets go

1. My daughter Harmony - Her beautiful soul and heart and sensitivity and ability to see beyond the veil and her love for animals .
2.My niece Kailey- Her compassion and ability to sing and dance and her natural gift of wanting to help others who may be struggling with something academically Precious Heart
3. Music-The first time I hear a song I love and I feel it deep in my soul and I say YESSSSS
4.Storytelling - When I talk to people and they share how they made it through and over the obstacles I think to myself OH WOW God is awesome . For example the man who told me when he was a boy he walked across the Sudan desert for his freedom .
5.Creativity -I love to see some of Harmony's mandalas and then there is thing with water bubbles that is just beautiful . I love to see people who started with a floss string budget like Lashanda Henry      and watch some of the pitches on Shark tank . I also love cilantro on everything I probably mentioned that before lol . Cooking is a creative art form to me also .
6 Lessons - The people who showed up to teach me lessons . Everyday people . My great grandmother Edith Isabella who made me feel loved wanted needed and cared for deeply. My mother for always telling me to look everything up and reading to me .My father for telling me winners never quit and quiters never win. Tim Ferris for teaching me the art of not finishing .Jack Canfield -Robert Allen- Oh yea and Dean Graziosi Think a little Differently book-Edgar Guest Poems - The ancestors - Les Brown -Video - Brian Tracy - Monique - My baby asked me the other day where she was she loved the end of her show when she would say wrap your arms around yourself real tight and I love you for free sugah Lol !!!She is also really inspired by Helen Keller and Harriet Tubman . Lastly myself when I get down I channel my angels and love and rest and then keep it pushing !!! Its like Drake said started from the bottom now we here . People didnt get it everybody's bottom is different and everything is relative 777!!!

Stay Inspired and Have a Blessed Week

I love you


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