Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Peace and Letting Go

Peace and Blessings

This is the day that the Most High has made let us Rejoice and Be Glad in it !!! Over the passover time  our dog Tyra passed. Harmony loved her very much. She was a really sweet, intuitive, good natured dog. When I first found out I was really sad and then I remembered a story that I read in Autobiuography of a Yogi where an animal wanted to leave and the owner wanted him to stay and he said let me go and his soul was free !!! So I thought about all the joy that Tyra had while she was on earth and how she had a great life and then I blessed her soul.

We have a new dog now and his name is Cody and he is full of love and energy . An investor friend I met on social media sent me a positive magazine that was very inspirational !!! I love when people do what they say they are going to do YAY !!!!Everything comes at the perfect time !!!

Love Bliss and Blessings


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