Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bliss and Blessings

Peace and Love

I pray that you are having a day of love and blessings.Yesterday was beautiful !!! I spent time w the master and It felt wonderful . It was like the dream where I said I knew that you would come and he said YES and we went to paint YAY.

So I have been getting so many blessings and I am supergrateful !!! Some people dont like to see other people blessed but I realize that is not my issue . You just have to SHINE ON YAY!!!Celebrate !!!!I was watching Wheel of Fortune last nite . I have been procrastinating about playing online. The lady solved the puzzle at the end and got 50,000 her total for 30 minutes of work was 63,000. She didnt say I cant have the money I havent worked hard enough I have to suffer . No No No way Jos'e.

I was watching Steve Harvey the other day and he was talking to the people of Flint and he said They killing Yall I said Oh lord Fix it Jesus Did he tell the truth and shame the devil . Then I got a vibe that said Run Karmen Run !!!! LOL I was thinking the babies cant to school and they cant take baths in the water . What's next ? I think the most important thing is not to judge but to have compassion unforseen circumstances befall us all. I saw the black lady upset and the white lady saying her lungs were jacked up I was like Oh Wow. My heart went out to her and I said God is a healer and anything can be healed .The blood never loses it's power !!!Victory is mine today !!! I told Satan get thee behind me.

I am looking forward to passover and catching up on everything . Yahshua loves you and so do I .

Have a Blessed Weekend


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