Thursday, November 12, 2015


Peace and Blessings !!

Can u feel the love !!! It feels so amazing 333 and Wonderful !!! A lot of people read my post and then they started saying stuff about taking the labels off and stuff . It is true that we are souls at the deepest level but in human form people will label and they will judge you not all people but some people will.

The answer is not to say I am not a label . The answer is that we love who we are and then we can love everybody else. When I see the protest at the University it reminds of a blog post I did a long time ago about a black male who wanted to go to University of Missouri St Louis and he sued and won but they killed him and his body was never found . People can say Wow he had a right to go to whatever school he wanted to . That is true but it is not worth dying about.

My grandmother told me if people do not love you then it is okay we can cook our own food and teach ourselves and make our own clothes and tell stories . She told me we should never deny any part of our heritage. We do not have to over identify with it but we do have to acknowledge it and not be ashamed of it . When I started to study Epigenetics and DNA and post traumatic slave syndrome I was like OH WOW I get it .Then my mom told me about the trail of tears and all the people who lost their lives and could not practice their religion because it was illegal. I was thinking to myself Lord Help Ayuda why can't people just be free to be who they are as long as they are not hurting anybody 

Dick Gregory said something that was very interesting well that is what the qoute said. He said how can you expect the same system that enslaved you to educate you and empower you ? It really does not make sense. I tried it and experienced it for myself . I would be in class with a white girl and we were cool and we had the exact same answer the teacher marked my paper wrong and her's right when I brought it to her attention instead of correcting it she marked her paper wrong as well so I had to go to the principal's office .

Then when I studied deeper into imperialism and colonization I was like wow .We can never heal things by pretending that they do not exist . When one is healed all are healed and when one is harmed all are harmed. We can create Heaven on Earth by BEing Love in Action .

Love and Blessings  

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