Monday, June 9, 2014

San Diego

Peace and Love

Everything is so different . It is kind of hard to explain . I  keep having strong feelings about San Diego and then a star sistar posted a video about how she went to San Diego and it was a blessing for her . I personally really love Atlanta the energy there is high love frequency and just feels good . I went to Los Angeles a few times and I had a good time it was just okay. Then I got a few messages that I should travel west to visit . Then like last nite I was thinking I should create a course and I woke up this morning and got an email about how to create a course !!! I was like WOW Synchronicity but am I going crazy ??

It is like things are happening at the Speed of Light !!! It is like coming alive .The internet is such an awesome and amazing tool. My daughter is an awesome artist also. I am putting together a plan to help promote some of her work online .I am trying not to block myself by believing that it will take time because I know time does not really exist but living in 3D is different from living in 5d so I am trying to just give myself the energy to integrate everything .There is google hangouts and google plus we are more connected to each other than ever it is truly amazing . It feels so good to know that I am not crazy and that their are people who think like me . I remember being younger in Missouri and trying to study something technical and being the only person of color and then the only female and now later I see another sister who is Filipino who is a computer programmer and also an artist YAY !!!

The shift has taken place and it is wonderful. I am so grateful that I am listening to the Ruach or the Holy Spirit and the Angels and not other people or outside ideas .OMG I just saw Amma and she is in Los Angeles also please pray for me because I have some resistance I dont know why all I have to do is go there and visit again I am not sure what the resistance is about because I keep meeting people from there like every other day . My soul brother I met a few years ago really encouraged me to come .I also love Paramhansa Yogananda and he has a place there and in San Diego.

Love and Blessings


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