Friday, June 27, 2014

How to Turn Drama and Negativity into Peace and Harmony

Peace and Love

I hope that you have had an Awesome week ! Its Friday in the am and it has been a great week ! I want to share a story with you . I remember Oprah telling this woman in this video to tell people to call you when they get some sense and it was basically talking about creating positive karma .

When I was in jr high I was pretty popular and got along with pretty much everybody and then when I went to high school there was this girl that  I met and it was an interesting experience. I could not really figure out if the girl wanted to be my friend or if she wanted to fight me but I basically decided that in order to drama I just refused to engage . It was not that I was afraid of her I just dont believe in fighting and engaging in negativity for no reason.

Later on in life I saw this girl and she walked up to me and said How are you doing ? I said Fine and she told me that she was doing well and that she moved to Dallas and that she was trying to change and have a better attitude . I told her that was great and I was genuinely happy for her . I learned later that she had some things going on that didnt have anything to do with me .

It made me really reflect and I realized that all of our interactions matter. The way we respond to people makes a difference even if we dont think so at the time.What if I had acted a fool and responded to negativity and drama ? I would have not only created negative karma for myself but would have left a negative impression on her and other people.

Shiloh the Peacemaker that we love and adore said" Bless those who curse you and love your enemies" because it is easy to love those who love you . We are more alike than we are different and when one is healed all are healed and when one is harmed all are harmed . Have a Blessed Weekend

Love and Peace


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