Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Feeling Joyful

Peace and Love !!!

I pray that you are in peace and love and joy !!! All is well with me and I feel so joyful !!! Ascenscion and Healing is so Powerful !!! It feels so good to remember and be in my true love and light !!!

So many things have happened in my life dark entities , tracking devices and implants . It is not about being a victim but it is about being aware of what needs to be cleared so you can be your authentic whole self ! Yes and YAY !!! Literally everything is possible!!!

All of my life I knew that I was a healer but there were missing parts ! I was a child and I would just instantly know things and feel things and believed in angels and past lives and everything . Being an empath and creative was challenging because when I was being taught things that were not true I could feel it instantly in my being . So a lot of things just didn't make sense to me .I am learning so much about healing . My mother has intuitive gifts and my father and grandmother . My heart is full of love and joy and Bliss .

I see everything from pre birth to choosing to come into a dense environment and remembering the power of the Divine Love of God and Light and remembering that all things are possible w the Creator YAY !!!!! I was born a coach , sound healer and transformation catalyst . Everything comes from the Inside out !!! What had really stopped me in the past was fear and doubt/. There is so much Love and Light on the planet now that if we ask we are given healing and assistance from the angels and the light teams <3 nbsp="" p="">
I love you ! Thankyou for reading my blog post

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