Monday, June 19, 2017


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Peace and Love !!!

I hope you had a good weekend !!! Mine was peaceful ! Harmony started working on another clay project. So last week one of my friends said something that was awesome Here it is ...

In case you didn't know it - the world revolves around trust. All said and done it is the only currency worth a shit, and takes a long time to build and seconds to destroy.
Do not let your precious store of trust be eroded or ruined by promoting shitty deals. You might screw a few people over for a short term gain but long term it is you that will be screwed over.

I said to myself YESSSS they are going to learn eventually Treat yo self don't cheat yo self lololololol. It was another synchronicity .It made me think of the friend I met a long time ago and I said at first I don't know why did he want to help or share anything with me and then I thought about it . He didn't just walk up to me and say Hey do you want to do real estate ? He talked to me first and then I feel like the Creator and the Law of attraction brought us together. The job that we were working was not paying us a lot of money but I feel like I was sent there to met him and another person .I also realized he was a lot of older than me and could do more with help than he could do by himself .

So the reminder is still there . Don't despise humble beginnings . Make the most out of every experience . Treat everybody like you want to be treated .So good things are coming in abundance !!!! Mastering my focus ! YAY !!! I think I want to volunteer for one more launch well if I get a request . I feel pretty confident and am learning more and more each day .

Have a Great Week !!!



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