Monday, June 5, 2017

Good Vibes Attracting Awesomeness

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Peace and Love !!!

I pray that you had a great week . Great things are happening . When we see hurt and pain and discomfort it is good to send our love and compassion and light and blessings .

So many good things have been happening Harmony and I had a Whitney Houston party ..It was super awesome. I should have done a live stream and charged 10.00 because we rocked oh yea !!! When she transitioned I was like Oh wow even though no one ever really dies.We started out with I wanna dance with Somebody and just kept it going !!!

I have been learning a lot and I am super excited about the success that I see and feel happening within me and around me . I got an email from my mentor through books and friend in my head that he was making a movie . I was like Oh Wow I was supposed to do a testimonial for that movie but I didn't want to get on camera . Then I thought well maybe he could be a sponsor for my book and I can include a testimony in my book for his book YAY !!! There is always a way .

The enemy tried to take my mind body soul and spirit but I said I can't go for that nooo no can do  LOL!!!. I am Loved . I AM loving and I AM always more than ENOUGH YAY 1111 !!!!You are too !!! We all are !!!

Let's Keep Moving Forward into the Light !

Thankyou for reading my blog today

Love and Blessings


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