Monday, May 1, 2017

Joy Joy Joy Ever New Joy and Abundance and Bliss 777!!!

Peace and Love Beautiful Souls!!!

I love you and I am glad that you are here !!! I am writing about love and abundance and joy and light !!! Have you made a purchase and you just wanted to say YESSSSSS and YAAAAY and share it with everyone ? I think I told you about a  book that I purchased and it was so smooth and I was like WOW before I event got the book there were videos and a pdf and my soul was grateful . I felt like he was a believer and It was a blessing !!!His daughter has a book also that I think I will get for my daughter also . Harmony feels like some of her art is sacred and then there are somethings that she will sell . It will be Sacred Selling YAY !!!

 !!! It's not just the money it is the experience ! There is another beautiful soul on facebook and you can find her in the Love Tribe Group  and she sang this song and my Soul said YAY !!! She is being mentored by Master Sha . My soul said Yes I have to send her a love offering for this it is beautiful.  We have the same soul purpose . I do feel like things should be accessible . Give and it shall be given unto you pressed down shaken together running over !!!

It is all about being connected to our souls !!! Everyday now it feels like I see miracles . Harmony told me Missouri is the most beautiful state in the United States . Bless her heart and soul !!! She was talking about if the money goes away we will just trade like we did a long time ago .No worries Hakuna Matata .Universal Law always works and wins .Last nite I thought I heard an airplane but it was a starship .

So like I was saying before We are enough and we have enough and we are blessed to be here for such a time as this !!! I am so glad that you are hear reading this blog. Love is a Powerful Force that ripples throughout eternity !!! When you share you don't just bless the other person you also bless yourself because we are one. It is like when you have a bible study and you share your wisdom with you and then  you have an AHA or a Eureka or Bliss Moment . Then they share what you shared and it goes on and on . I love you 333!!!

Infinite Blessings and Light !!!


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