Monday, September 12, 2016

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Peace and Love

I pray you had a good weekend !!! I was thinking this weekend about how Elijah resurrected the widows son. I was also thinking about how Yahshua wept for Lazarus even though he knew he had the power to bring him back . I was listening to the video again of the video of the man who died and then I heard him say he was shot seven times and survived and I realized what the revelation and the dream was about that I had that morning .

He said he wasn't afraid of dying because he had already died and he felt like we are dying everyday . I thought that was an interesting perspective . It just made me think of the other young man I shared with you earlier in this blog who was killed because he wanted to go to a school and they didn't want him there .In my head I'm like you don't want me to go to your school no problem . You are going to pay me to go to another school with my peeps YAY !!!!!

I feel like even though we are free to choose to leave sometimes we can make a bigger difference if we are here. We have soul contracts and I guess that is what is meant when the seeds of Karma run out we either get it in this life or the next .

 So many freedom fighter died and we are still getting murdered and murdering each other on a daily basis . People think that prayers and meditation are ineffective but there has been scientific proof that they work. When you shift into the highest vibration you are the Christ Consciousness and nobody can kill the Christ because he lays down his life and he picks it up .

It is so interesting I was reading a post from a Navajo woman and she was saying how native americans are mislabeled latino or hispanic when really we are just indians from different tribes. My friend who is Mexican American knew that he was a Native American Indian from the Huichol tribe and not a latino because there is no such thing . I have native blood also and I realize we fight a Holy Battle everyday. Our thoughts, words and deeds matter. We can decide not to sell our brothers and sisters for 75 cents. We know how the prophecy ends . Love is More Powerful than Hate .Stay in Love Joy and Bliss because even when you get to the other side you will vibe with your Peeps !!!

Love and Bliss


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