Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Prayer and Spiritual Practice and Dimensions 777

Peace and Love

This is the day that the Lord has made let us Rejoice and Be Glad in It !!!!Today I received a message and I really took a minute to really understand what was being said . Then I had a dream and I said to myself Oh Wow. I know that posted before about Abraham and the Rich Man in Luke Chapter 16vs 19-31 and you can read about it when you have a chance . Spiritual Dimensions are real. I have had some experiences and also heard the experiences of others .

I heard someone speaking about how she was offended by something this weekend . I love her soul . Bless her . She was saying that when we are offended or hurt and how we should not retaliate . That is what our beloved Yahshuah taught us and trust me it is easy to read about but sometimes it is hard to actually do. It is all about the spiritual practice . If we can only read it but we never actually have to put it into practice it is only theory right ?

Isn't it great when you can have a woo sah moment right in the middle of a moment and say AH HAH this is an opportunity for me to be mindful and to grow and learn and do better now or next time with greater awareness.

One more thing I want to share is that In the book Autobiography of a Yogi- Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Brother Ananta and Sister Nalini

"Ananta cannot live; the sands of his karma for this life have run out."
These inexorable words reached my inner consciousness as I sat one morning in deep meditation. Shortly after I had entered the Swami Order, I paid a visit to my birthplace, Gorakhpur, as a guest of my elder brother Ananta. A sudden illness confined him to his bed; I nursed him lovingly.

This brings tears to my eyes and  I am still praying for deeper understanding . I am thinking when they say that his karma ran out it meant that he had exhausted his opportunity to learn his lessons . I am open to learning and discussion so feel free to email me at workwithme3@gmail.com if you have comments .One thing that we are not taught in mainstream Christianity is past lives but I have always believed in them If you read Matthew the 11th Chapter vs 14 He said that John was Elijah the one to come . I pray this week we are mindful and practice love and forgiveness

Blessings and Light


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