Thursday, September 8, 2016

Angels Cry 11 11

Peace and Love

This morning as I was driving I saw the rain coming down and I was like I feel the angels crying .This guy was telling this dude that he has to be careful what he says because will people try to harm you . Trump says some of the craziest stuff but if you listen to him you realize it's some truth in every joke .

All you have to do is look around . How do places like St.Louis and Detroit even exist in the United States ? Why all of a sudden do Black Lives Matter ? I would rather you tell me the truth then tell me you have hotsauce in your bag . I don't carry around hotsauce and I have never known anybody who does . I am not a politician but sometimes I just listen to Trump and say to myself OMG did he just say that ? I vote for Yahshuah and the 5th dimension and Company of Heaven

The true story that it is deeper than black lives or gay lives . People have agendas and they will use anybody or anything to do what they want to do . Think about it . When the black man was killed in South Carolina the next day there were no protest . The next day I sent out prayers and said to myself Wow . This man just got shot and burned up in a car and nothing is going to happen . Nobody will be held accountable. Who killed Malcolm X ? Hate is real and it comes in all colors . His brother was trying to warn him out of love . Some people feel like Money is Green and that is all they care about .

Protesting is a waste of time and energy . In this dimension everything is based on energy and frequency . We have to Vibrate at the Highest Levels and Uplift each other and not harm each other .Its good and righteous for us to feel all of our feelings and then move into the light . There is a universal justice system.There are ways that we can shift reality and move into higher levels of light .

Love and Blessings


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