Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Becoming A Universal HumanBe-ing

Peace and Love

I pray that all is well with you and you are feeling all of the love energy on the planet. I am experiencing so much synchronicity right now it feels amazing ! As I was growing up I would always meet people from different places and they would be drawn to me for some reason and want to share . When I got older this would happen on jobs and in other settings.

I feel my heart open and universal love for all of my brothers and sisters . I am attracting other indigo's and starseeds from all over the world and we are one . Love and Light are prevailing .It is so important now to strengthen ourselves and to surround ourselves with empowering energy. Beware of those who want you to depend on them energetically or who do not encourage you to seek light and information for yourself. We live in a free will and choice dimension and it is so important to free ourselves of anything that doesn't empower us .

Pure Love can transcend and transmute many challenges and obstacles . Joy is a fruit of the spirit and feels so Good !!!!!!!! We are not alone the angels , and the holy spirit along with the Most High are here and very real . I love you !

Blessings and Light



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